Circuit Winkel Bible Studies

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Circuit Winkel Bible Studies, which are electronically published by the LCMS Praesidium and Council of Presidents, are prepared for pastors to use during their circuit meetings.

The Bible studies are designed to help pastors grow in the Word of God and to strengthen relationships within circuits.

The Bible studies are funded by a grant of $200 from each LCMS district. Questions and comments may be directed to the series general editor, Rev. Mark W. Love.

From September 2017 to May 2018, we review various aspects of pastoral care and practice, with our studies of the sacred Scriptures organized around topics drawn from C.F.W. Walther’s American-Lutheran Pastoral Theology, a new translation of which has recently become available from Concordia Publishing House.

We thank the executive director for Spiritual Care at DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel, and seven of the DOXOLOGY Collegium Fellows, for preparing this year’s studies.


2017-18 Theme: “What Makes a Pastor?”

How does one become a pastor? Of course, there is the call of God, first in the sense that a man is moved by the Spirit to prepare for the ministry.

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  • This is followed by some form of training and examination through which the church assures itself that the man is “able to teach” and possessing of the character necessary to be a pastor (e.g., 1 Tim. 3:1–7).

    There follows the specific call of God to a particular ministry, a call mediated through the congregation(s). Essentially, this call of God through a congregation makes the man a pastor.

    The wider church recognizes and publicly confirms this call through the Rite of Ordination, whereby the man is pledged to the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions and consecrated to the ministry by the Word of God and prayer.

    This is the necessary doctrinal and scriptural answer.


2017-18 Introduction and Schedule


May: “Leading in a Godly Manner: Working with Your People for the Sake of Christ’s Mission”


April: “Loving Enough to Discipline”


March: “God’s Gift of Marriage”


February: “The Privilege of Pastoral Care”


January: “Giving Out the Gifts: Christ’s Gifts in His Supper”


December 2017: “Giving Out the Gifts: Baptism and Catechesis”


November 2017: “Preaching the Word: It's Still All About Jesus”


October 2017: “What Makes a Pastor? The Precious Nature of the Call”


September 2017: “What Makes a Pastor? A Practical Disposition of the Soul”

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