Nominations and Election of First Vice-President

First Vice-President Nomination Process

Each member congregation of the Synod may nominate one or two rostered ordained ministers for the office of the First Vice-President (Bylaw 3.12.2). Nomination ballots for First Vice-President will be mailed in October 2015 to all voting congregations and must be turned in to the Secretary of the Synod’s office no later than Feb. 9, 2016.

Nomination forms for the First Vice-President will not be available online.

First Vice-President Election Process

The candidates for the office of the First Vice-President shall be the 20 ordained ministers receiving the highest number of votes in the nominating process. The President-elect shall select from the list of 20 nominees for the office of First Vice-President five nominees, who have consented to serve if elected, and at least two of whom are taken from the top five nominees. Prior to all other elections, the convention shall elect the First Vice-President. Balloting will proceed with the candidate receiving the smallest number of votes eliminated from consideration until one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, who shall be declared the winner.

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