Thanks to our compassionate and generous contributors, over $1.5 MILLION in aid for church workers and lay employees has been collected since March through the Soldiers of the Cross Amplified initiative. To date, nearly 600 families in 27 LCMS districts have been helped because of you. To learn more about the efforts to aid our church workers and fellow congregants, contact LCMS Mission Advancement at
Impact Report: participation in Soldiers of the Cross — Amplified has surpassed $1.5 Million, already aided nearly 600 families.

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Big questions deserve big answers. Life and death confront us as we figure out how to live in isolation and then come back together. Many cry out for answers and a better future. These are large situations. They impact our world and bear within them the weight of history. Big questions. Big answers.

At the end of his letter to the Corinthian Christians, Paul summarizes with this little verse: “Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Cor. 16:14). The church in Corinth was a mess. They were dealing with moral issues, theological issues, worship issues and societal issues. Paul addressed those big issues. And then he turned their eyes outward to the needs of others: the poor in Jerusalem.

Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ were in need in Jerusalem. Paul urged, encouraged and even commanded the church throughout the rest of the world to support the poor in Jerusalem through their financial offerings. And he summarized it by saying: “Let all that you do be done in love.”

With all that is going on, we, too, are thinking globally. Our country and our world are struggling together while isolated. The Synod itself has made significant sacrifices in planning for current and future budget years. In the midst of it, many at home and abroad are facing obstacles due to the economic impact of their churches closing and schools shutting down.

Big questions. Big problems. Big solutions, all wrapped up in one little word: Love. God's love in Christ. Then God’s love in Christ reflected to those in need.

Even through chaos and uncertainty, we love — we take action — because God first loved us. God's generous and gracious action towards us has richly blessed us. And through His rich blessing, we are able to take action toward those in need.

As Paul asked the churches to put aside money for the poor in Jerusalem, so also your generous gifts have blessed your brothers and sisters in Christ through Soldiers of the Cross — Amplified. You have taken action on behalf of those who work in our churches, schools and early childhood centers, and for that I say, "Thank you."

With God's love in action through Soldiers of the Cross — Amplified, you have helped us gather over $1.5 MILLION to aid rostered church workers and lay employees. You have taken part in blessing nearly 600 individuals in 27 LCMS districts, that they might pay medical bills, feed their families and be reminded of His love through these difficult times.


Opportunities to support God’s faithful servants will continue through this tumultuous season, even as medical breakthroughs are made, vaccines become available and reports of COVID-19 cases begin to dwindle. The economic effects of this health crisis, for example, may be felt for years to come. And, because of you, we can and will continue to serve our rostered and lay workers through it all. What blessed news! Thank you.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt Harrison

P.S. We all look forward to when this situation will be over and we can get back to normal life. But the financial impact from this time of shut down will not ease as quickly as some restrictions might. Because you responded in generosity and love, we will be able to provide ongoing support to affected LCMS rostered and lay workers for months (and even years) to come!

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You are a vital partner in our church's Soldiers of the Cross Amplified response as, together, we show care and mercy to workers in crisis all over the world.

Do you have questions about making a difference through the Soldiers of the Cross Amplified initiative? Contact my friends in LCMS Mission Advancement by toll-free phone (888-930-4438) or email ( They are there to assist you in making a difference in Jesus' name!
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