Mission Advancement Staff Directory

Main Phone: 888-930-4438     Email: Mission.Advancement@lcms.org

Coordination & Accountability

Mark D. Hofman, CFRE, MBA
Executive Director, Mission Advancement & Mission Advocate
Director, Member Engagement (Sustaining Fund) — Interim

• Region: Southern Idaho, Utah, Western Colorado,
   Hawaii and Alaska (limited/rare travel) 
• Direct: 314-996-1315
• mark.hofman@lcms.org
• Our Code of Ethics
Donor Bill of Rights


Laura Bucy
Executive Administrative Assistant
• 314-996-1325
• laura.bucy@lcms.org



Maureen Lenz
Manager, Volunteer Connection 
• 314-996-1629
• maureen.lenz@lcms.org
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Brad Wood
Information Coordinator 
• 314-996-1321
• brad.wood@lcms.org
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Member Engagement (Sustaining Funds)

Brianne Gerzevske
Manager, Member Engagement




Julie Branson
Gifts by Phone Program Manager
• Direct: 314-996-1665
• julie.branson@lcms.org

Ruth Fleming
Gifts by Phone Lead - Day

Diane Moynihan
Gifts by Phone Lead - Evening


Mission Advocates, Foundations, and District/Congregation Relations


Anna Lockwood
Administrative Assistant – Mission Advocates
• Toll Free: 888-930-4438
• Direct: 314-996-1672
• anna.lockwood@lcms.org

Michael Butterfield
Mission Advocate
• Deployed in Northern Illinois
• Mobile: 708-466-8391
• 314-996-1672 (Anna Lockwood)
• michael.butterfield@lcms.org
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Michael Fischer, CFRE, CDE, M.Ed. 
Mission Advocate & Associate Gift Planning Counselor – LCMS Foundation
• Deployed in Arizona
• Mobile: 480-313-5251
• 314-996-1672 (Anna Lockwood)
• michael.fischer@lcms.org
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John Lewis
Senior Mission Advocate and Manager (Interim) of Mission Advocates
• Deployed in Michigan
• Mobile: 734-646-0122
• 314-996-1672 (Anna Lockwood)
• john.lewis@lcms.org
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Greg Rommel
Mission Advocate
• Deployed in Texas
• Mobile: 314-277-2005
• 314-996-1672 (Anna Lockwood)
• greg.rommel@lcms.org
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Jill Eggemeyer
Program Coordinator - Donor Care & Advocacy
• Direct: 314-996-1645
• jill.eggemeyer@lcms.org
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Patty Mainer
Assoc. Program Coordinator – Donor Care and Advocacy / Program Coordinator – Global Seminary Initiative (GSI)
• Direct: 314-996-1661
• patty.mainer@lcms.org

Jennifer Hummel
Program Coordinator — Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya
Assoc. Program Coordinator — Donor Care and Advocacy
• Direct: 314-996-1326
• jennifer.hummel@lcms.org
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Kathy Wakeman
Ascending Roots Membership Coordinator &
Shepherds Staff Membership Coordinator
• Toll Free: 888-930-4438
• Direct: 314-9961648
• kathy.wakeman@lcms.org
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Amy Scholz
District/Congregation Advocate
• Deployed in Nevada
• Mobile: 702-815-5561
• Office: 314-996-1672 (Anna Lockwood)
• amy.scholz@lcms.org
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Mary Hamilton
Grants and Foundations Coordinator
• Direct: 314-996-1310
• mary.hamilton@lcms.org
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Brooke Waickman
Research Analyst

Cindy Schwegmann
Research Analyst






Greg Rommel: Texas, Oklahoma, eastern Colorado and Missouri south of I-70.

Mike Butterfield: All of Illinois, Wisconsin and the Twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul and suburbs.

Mike Fischer: All of California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico

John Lewis: All of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

Pastoral Formation & Care

Opportunities to support the recruitment, formation, professional growth, advanced education/leadership development and care of Lutheran pastors in the LCMS and our international partner churches

Cindy Simpson, CFRE
Director, Pastoral Formation and Care
• Deployed in Oklahoma
• Mobile: 708-638-5565
• cindy.simpson@lcms.org


Julie Loehring
Program Coordinator – LCMS Joint Seminary Fund & Membership Coordinator – Messengers
• Direct: 314-996-1019
• julie.loehring@lcms.org
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Missionary Network Care & Support

Chandra Thurman, MBA
Director, Missionary Network Care & Support
• Direct: 314-996-1053
• chandra.thurman@lcms.org



Edie Honaker
Administrative Assistant – Missionary Network Care
• 314-996-1323
• edie.honaker@lcms.org

Debbie Feenstra

Membership Coordinator - Together In Mission (Congregations)
• Toll Free: 888-930-4438
• Direct: 314-996-1651
• debra.feenstra@lcms.org
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Michelle Beckmann
Membership Coordinator - Mission Senders (Individuals/Families)
• Toll Free: 888-930-4438
• Direct: 314-996-1047
• michelle.beckmann@lcms.org
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Karen Schultz
Missionary Support Coordinator
• Deployed in Minnesota
• Direct: 320-379-1096
• karen.schultz@lcms.org


Gary Thies
Missionary and Support Advocate/Mission Development Counselor – Nebraska & Iowa-West Districts
• Website: Mission Central - Mapleton, Iowa
• Deployed in Iowa
• Direct: 712-251-1264
• gary.thies@lcms.org
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Rev. Dr. Brent Smith
Missionary and Support Advocate/Mission Development Counselor – Nebraska, Kansas & Iowa-West Districts
• Website: Mission Central - Mapleton, Iowa
• Deployed in Omaha, Nebr.
• Direct: 703-713-2851
• brent.smith@lcms.org
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Pam Kovarna
Administrative Assistant
Mission Central - Mapleton, Iowa
• Direct: 712-882-1029
• pam.kovarna@lcms.org


Campaigns and Special Initiatives

Martha Mitkos
Director, Campaigns and Special Initiatives & Mission Advocate
• Region: Washington, Oregon, North Idaho, Montana
• Direct: 314-996-1322
• Mobile: 618-520-5445
• martha.mitkos@lcms.org


Gift Receipting, Records-keeping and Database Management

Ann LoweryAnn Lowery
Manager, Gift and Database Operations
• Direct: 314-996-1673



Pam Hassler, Constituent Information Database Administrator
Tina Boswell
, Gift Processing Specialist
Kelly Cook, Gift Processing Specialist
Brooke Sparks, Gift Processing Specialist


Jenna Koch
Gift Receipting Coordinator
• Donor Care Line - Gift Receipts


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