Gift Planning


Planned giving benefits are numerous when creating your gift plan. Above all is the opportunity to practice true generosity and Christian stewardship. This is done in joyful response to what the Lord has done for you. Also, it allows you to make the very best gifts to family and ministry.

You can rest assured knowing that your wishes will be honored and that your earthly assets will be passed on in a way that makes sense and is helpful to those people and organizations you hold most dear. And third is that our expert gift planning counselors show you how to make best use of tax laws and wealth transfer principles that maximize what you share with others and minimize what is eaten up in taxes and probate fees.

Through a planned gift to the LCMS, enabled by an LCMS Foundation Gift Planner, you may:

  • Increase your annual income
  • Eliminate capital gains tax on assets
  • Gift the most appropriate/favorable assets to heirs and to the ministry you love
  • Receive a significant tax deduction
  • Lower your potential estate tax
  • Assure the transfer of your fullest possible estate value to heirs
  • Increase possible gifts to heirs and grandchildren


The easiest planned gift — designating LCMS as a beneficiary

Perhaps the easiest way to share the Gospel and leave your legacy is by including the LCMS as a designated beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your:

  • Life insurance policy
  • IRA, TSA or other deferred plan
  • LCEF Certificate
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Other equity asset


Other ways to plan a gift:


A bequest is also one of the easiest planned gifts and is usually a component of your will. Your future gift will support your favorite LCMS ministry.
For a simple will, a statement like the following is almost always sufficient:
I bequeath (dollar amount) (percentage of my estate) to The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63122.

Gift Annuities

You make a gift and receive fixed, lifetime payments for one or two individuals. The remaining value of the gift becomes a gift to ministry when the Lord calls you home.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You transfer cash or property to a trust that pays income for your life or a term of years. The remainder becomes a gift to ministry.

Donor Advised Fund

Establishing a legacy of giving for your children and grandchildren, plus supporting favorite ministries on your timing. A donor advised fund is a smart alternative to a family foundation.

Personal Endowments

This gift establishes a legacy that provides a dependable stream of funding to the ministries you care about. You choose how to set up an endowment and how it will benefit ministry (or multiple ministries) It can be perpetual or last for a term of years.

Pooled Income Fund

The Foundation’s Pooled Income Fund commingles gifts from many donors, invests the funds in a diversified portfolio, and distributes the income proportionately among the individual donors, similar to a mutual fund.

Gift planning can benefit you and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Continue your legacy to your church and family by supporting God’s mission through the LCMS. For perhaps the easiest way to share the Gospel and leave your legacy is by beginning your Lifetime Plan for Giving. Contact The LCMS Foundation to find out how.


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