Health Ministry

Encouraging Christ-centered wellness for church workers and laity

LCMS Health Ministry works to support and promote Christ-centered health and wellness of body, mind and spirit through congregational health ministries and to promote and encourage Christ-centered health and wellness among LCMS church workers.

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  • Health Ministry helps members of LCMS congregations to touch lives in the name of Christ by:

    • Assisting congregations and parish nurses in promoting health and wellness education (including spiritual, physical, relationship and environmental concerns) and healing community characteristics
    • Supporting Lutheran health care professionals in their Christian vocation by providing resources and offering formal and informal networks of support
    • Promoting the health and healing ministry of the Gospel among professional church workers, their spouses and families by promoting a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, exercise, continuing education, balance between professional and personal life and stress reduction, with the awareness and endorsement of the congregation
    • Developing resources, suggestions and policies around health and healing issues in church and society

    We do this in response to God’s love and His Word, responding to Jesus Christ’s mandate to the church “to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick” (Luke 9:2).

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The Church Is For Everyone

Jesus wants the church to have open doors, welcoming all people inside. Many times, people with disabilities don’t participate simply because they haven’t been asked.

This new resource from LCMS Health Ministry provides straightforward and inexpensive ideas to help volunteers — Sunday school teachers, VBS leaders, youth workers and others — include people of all abilities in their next church event.

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Marcia Schnorr & Karen Hardecopf — Coordinators for LCMS Parish Nursing

For general information, please email Health Ministry.

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