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The following resources are offered to address a variety of issues, including human sexuality, marriage, cohabitation and abstinence. Find out what God’s Word teaches us about these important topics that are relevant to our society today.




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Sexuality and the Church

God's Word has a lot to say about our sexuality. It's a gift. It's good. And it can be abused. It's time for us to teach all of what God has to say about His gift of sexuality.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?
    How can Christians who believe God’s Word and design for marriage respond to those who support same-sex marriage and homosexuality? Rev. Tom Eckstein talks with Kay L. Meyer, president and host of Family Shield Radio, regarding what the Bible says about marriage and homosexuality in part one of a two-part series on responding and witnessing to homosexuals. Part 1 | Part 2
  • Cross Defense – The Apologetics to A New Generation and Same-Sex Marriage
  • BookTalk – “The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics”
    Robert Gagnon offers the most thorough analysis to date of the biblical texts relating to homosexuality. He demonstrates why attempts to classify the Bible’s rejection of same-sex intercourse as irrelevant for our contemporary context fail to do justice to the biblical texts and to current scientific data. 
  • Faith’n’Family – The State of the Synod, Marriage, and College Students
    The Rev. Herb Mueller, LCMS first vice president, discusses the correlation between views on marriage, family and the numeric decline in the Synod. The Rev. Marcus Zill, director of LCMS Campus Ministry & LCMS U, and the Rev. Tom Eckstein, chair of the LCMS God’s Gift of Sexuality Task Force, discuss the January 2015 LCMS U Conference: TABOO. 
  • Faith’n’Family – God’s Gifts of Marriage and Sexuality
    Members of the LCMS God’s Gift of Sexuality Task Force, The Rev. Tom Eckstein, chair, the Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer and Rev. Dr. Gary Zieroth discuss God’s gifts of marriage and sexuality as described in Scripture and the influence of the world on Christians’ perspectives and beliefs. 


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