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2017-2019 District Visitation Booklet

In July 2016, the Synod in convention reaffirmed the importance of visitations between the Office of the President and district leadership. Specifically, delegates resolved that “the President of the Synod, with the aid of the vice-presidents of the Synod, shall be expected to visit with every district president and district board of directors at least once every triennium.”

To help make the most of these visits, President Harrison called for the production of a substantial, wide-ranging district-visitation guidebook, all of whose contents are available below.

In a letter introducing this compilation of documents and data and explaining the purpose of the visitations, Harrison says the “book contains resources that shed light on our common life together in Synod and district. We will review some of this in our meetings. We provide all of it to you as food for your continued discussion after the visitation, as you go about the work of serving the congregations and fellow workers of your district.”

By making the book accessible to all, Harrison invites not only district leadership but also anyone who wishes to peruse this resource to use it “to build each other up and encourage each other in the mission of Christ.”

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