Floor Committees

LCMS National Convention   •   July 20-25, 2019   •   Tampa, Florida

In order to conduct the necessary business of the convention, the President appoints various floor committees to receive, review and process overtures submitted to the President’s Office for consideration by the convention (Bylaw 3.1.7).

While the number and size of floor committees vary each convention, voting delegates, advisory delegates and advisory representatives are eligible to serve on floor committees (Bylaw 3.1.7[a]). Ordained ministers, commissioned ministers and laypersons shall be represented on each floor committee (Bylaw 3.1.7[b]).

As information is available, this page will list floor committee members, including committee chairs and their contact information.


Early 2019

The floor committees will be appointed in early 2019. Members appointed to a floor committee must notify their district secretary as additional housing will be needed for pre-convention floor committee meetings.


April 2019

In April 2019, the Convention Workbook will be published and available online. Floor committee members should carefully review the overtures referred to their committee and be prepared to give due consideration to and participate in discussion on all committee overtures. Careful review of other overtures is advised to determine if collaboration is needed with other floor committees.


May 18, 2019

Any member of the Synod (congregation, ordained/commissioned minister) and any lay delegate to convention wishing to express comments on reports and overtures in the Convention Workbook may submit them to the Secretary of Synod no later than May 18, 2019 (Bylaw 3.1.8[c]).

Laypersons are able to offer comments through a member of the Synod or their lay delegate. The Secretary will forward the comments to the appropriate convention floor committee for consideration. Comments on the content of the Convention Workbook can be sent to:

Rev. Dr. John Sias
Secretary of Synod
1333 S. Kirkwood Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63122


May 31–June 3, 2019

The floor committees will meet in St. Louis from May 31 to June 3, 2019, to conduct their business and prepare for convention.


June 2019

In June 2019, the first issue of Today’s Business, containing the proposed resolutions of the convention floor committees and other convention business, will be made available online.


July 13, 2019

Responses to the content of the first issue of Today’s Business may be submitted by any Synod member or layperson and should be sent to the chairman of the appropriate floor committee no later than July 13, 2019. Laypersons are able to offer comments through a member of Synod or their lay delegate.

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