LCMS National Convention   •   July 20-25, 2019   •   Tampa, Florida

The principal business of a convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod shall be the consideration of reports and overtures.

Overtures are recommendations in the form of proposed resolutions requesting action on the part of the convention.


Overture Template

An overture template is offered to member congregations, districts, faculties, and boards to facilitate the submission of overtures to the 2019 Synod convention in a uniform manner. Auto-fill sections will automatically provide the format that will be used for all overtures in the Convention Workbook.

Please review the overture template instructions for helpful information and specific submission guidelines.

The following Today’s Business edition of the 2016 Handbook may be used to cut and paste text for the creation of overtures, resolutions, reports, etc., for upcoming convention publications.


Important Dates and Deadlines

  • March 2, 2019 — Overture submission deadline (20 weeks prior to the convention). To facilitate inclusion in the Convention Workbook, overtures must be received by Feb. 6, 2019, with an emailed Microsoft Word document version provided to the Office of the LCMS President at overture@lcms.org.

  • April 27, 2019Convention Workbook posted on LCMS website (12 weeks prior to convention).

  • May 18, 2019 — Responses to Convention Workbook reports and overtures deadline (nine weeks prior to the convention). Any member of the Synod or lay delegate to convention may submit responses to the Secretary of the Synod.


About Convention Overtures

From 2016 Handbook


Overtures to a convention of the Synod may be submitted only by a member congregation of the Synod, a convention or board of directors of a district, an official district conference of ordained and/or commissioned ministers, the faculty of an educational institution of the Synod, the Board of Directors of the Synod, a board or commission of the Synod listed in Bylaws 3.2.2,, 3.2.3, and, a committee established by a prior convention, or a forum of a circuit.

(a) Overtures are recommendations in the form of proposed resolutions requesting action on the part of the convention.

(b) Overtures with reference to a case in which a member has been suspended and which is at present in the process of dispute resolution, as well as overtures which, upon advice of legal counsel, may subject the Synod or the corporate officers of the Synod to civil action for libel or slander or which contain libel and slander, shall not be accepted for convention consideration.

(c) The President of the Synod shall determine if any overture contains information which is materially in error or contains any apparent misrepresentation of truth or of character. He shall not approve inclusion of any such overture in the Convention Workbook and shall refer any such overture to the district president who has ecclesiastical supervision over the entity submitting the overture for action. If any published overture or resolution is found to be materially in error or contains a misrepresentation of truth or of character, it shall be withdrawn from convention consideration and referred by the President of the Synod to the appropriate district president for action.

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