Res. 3-10A - Task Force

Call Process for Returning Missionaries, Military Chaplains and Other Rostered Workers without a Call


This resolution identified the needs of rostered church workers (both candidate and noncandidate status) who are without a call. Often field missionaries and military chaplains serve temporarily in a position that eventually comes to a conclusion, leaving the worker without a call. This situation impacts not only returning missionaries and military chaplains but also other church workers who, for various reasons, find themselves without a call. By adopting this resolution, convention delegates agreed that thoughtful consideration of this “urgent and intricate” situation is needed through the work of a task force.

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The purpose of the task force is to:

  1. Recommend a solution that upholds the doctrine of the call.
  2. Study the need for a placement process for returning missionaries and military chaplains.
  3. Study the candidate status and noncandidate status of all church workers to aid and encourage all congregations and other entities in calling qualified candidates in a timely manner.


Final Report

The task force issued its final report in December 2015 and is available for study.

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For more information, please contact the Rev. Terry Cripe at or 1-800-901-2297.

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Status Update - 11/7/14

The task force held a conference call on Nov. 7, 2014, with all members in attendance. Discussions addressed various topics including: clarification of the task force’s focus to include both military and institutional chaplains; process improvements for returning missionaries and military chaplains who are desirous of a call; timing and notification of post-seminary graduate students availability for a call; opportunities and challenges for struggling pastors and congregations during conflicts or leadership transition; and definitions, criteria and notification of candidate and noncandidate status. Discussions on these important topics and others will continue during the next meeting to be held in early 2015.

Status Update - 9/22/2014

The task force met by conference call on Sept. 5, 2014. The task force reviewed the report from 33 districts of those without calls on candidate and noncandidate status. Several issues and ideas were examined during the meeting: the current nomenclature and policy causing confusion and despair for some; the differences between candidate and noncandidate status, seminary graduates, returning military chaplains and returning missionaries; opportunities for encouragement and clarification for congregations considering candidates for a call; needed material assistance for pastors who resigned or who were removed due to congregation circumstances (such as budget concerns), as well as those pastors responsible for circumstances that led to their resignation or removal. The task force agreed the reasons for resignation (lack of funding, problems in congregation, personal issues, change in vocation, etc.) should be examined further and agreed to develop suggestions for improving the process of placing church workers on candidate or noncandidate status, consideration for calls and the process for returning chaplains and missionaries.

Status Update - 8/25/2014

The task force received reports from 33 of 35 districts listing the reasons why called workers may be on candidate or noncandidate status.  The 20 reasons ranged from health issues, to resignation, to retirement, to a lack of congregational funding.  The reports from the districts have been collected and distributed to the task force members to digest. A phone conference call is planned for the final week of August to begin discussion.

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