Districts of the LCMS

Using the map (A district listing is also provided below.)
  1. Hover over your intended area
  2. Click anywhere on the map to pin your area of choice
  3. Click 'View Information' to see more District details
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District Listing

 Atlantic District
 Location : New York

 California/Nevada/Hawaii District
 Locations: California; Nevada; Hawaii

 Central Illinois District
 Locations: Illinois

 Eastern District
 Locations: New York; Pennsylvania; Maryland

 English District
 Locations: Arizona; California; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Wisconsin; Ontario, Canada; Kentucky; Nevada; Utah; Virginia

 Florida-Georgia District
 Locations: Florida; Georgia

 Indiana District
 Location: Indiana

 Iowa District West
 Location: Iowa

 Iowa District East
 Location: Iowa

 Kansas District
 Location: Kansas

 Michigan District
 Location: Michigan

 Mid-South District
 Location: Arkansas; Tennessee; Kentucky

 Minnesota North District
 Locations: Minnesota; Wisconsin

 Minnesota South District
 Location: Minnesota

 Missouri District
 Location: Missouri

 Montana District
 Location: Montana

 Nebraska District
 Location: Nebraska

 New England District
 Locations: Maine; Vermont; New Hampshire; Massachusetts; Connecticut; Rhode Island

 New Jersey District
 Location: New Jersey

 North Dakota District
 Location: North Dakota

 North Wisconsin District
 Locations: Wisconsin; Michigan

 Northern Illinois District
 Location: Illinois

 Northwest District
 Location: Washington; Oregon; Idaho; Alaska

 Ohio District
 Locations: Ohio; West Virginia; Kentucky

 Oklahoma District
 Location: Oklahoma

 Pacific Southwest
 Locations: District Arizona; California; Nevada

 Rocky Mountain District
 Locations: Colorado; Utah; New Mexico

 S.E.L.C. District
 Locations: Maine; Missouri; New Jersey; Connecticut; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Virginia; Wisconsin; Ontario, Canada; Quebec, Canada; Florida; Illinois; Indiana

 South Dakota District
 Location: South Dakota

 South Wisconsin District
 Location: Wisconsin

 Southeastern District
 Locations: Maryland; District of Columbia; Delaware; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Pennsylvania

 Southern District
 Locations: Louisana; Mississippi; Alabama; Florida

 Southern Illinois District
 Locations: Illinois

 Texas District
 Location: Texas

 Wyoming District
 Locations: Wyoming; Nebraska

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