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God and the Gay Lifestyle — Homosexual behavior, like any sin, can be forgiven. That’s quite a different thing, of course, than to say that such behavior is OK.

Homosexuality in Christian Perspective — We dare not permit the church’s public teaching on the matter of homosexuality to be taken over and determined by a desire to “affirm” every person in whatever state he or she may be. That is not the gospel.

A Step Too Far, for Now — The American Psychological Association backpedals on pedophilia.

Tossing the Last Taboo — That influential culture makers are trying to normalize sex with children is one reason Christians dare not opt out of the culture wars. If they do, letting the world go its merry way into the black hole of depravity, they will be putting their children in genuine danger.

Wages for Sin — Marriage benefits are starting to go to those who are “shacking up.”

What About ... Living Together Without Marriage? — This resource is a reprint from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s “What About …” series. Pastors and congregations will want to work patiently and lovingly with couples caught up in the sin of living together without marriage.

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