Careers in Church Work

Have you ever thought about a career in church work? Do you want to become a pastor or serve in some other way? What’s the next step?

You may think the only way to serve the church is to become a pastor. That′s not the case.

God’s people join together around Word and Sacrament to reach out to a lost world.  Dedicated, faithful workers assist and lead people in participating in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, building up the Body of Christ.

There are many vocations in which you can serve the Church in its vital ministries, including:

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Deaconess
  • Director of Christian Education
  • Director of Christian Outreach
  • Director of Family Life Ministry
  • Director of Parish Music
  • Lay Minister  


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What is colloquy?

Colloquy is a certification process for professional church workers. It assures that the individual has been properly educated in the doctrines and practices of the Synod and commits to serve the Synod in a specific role as a professional church worker such as teacher, director of Christian education, Christian outreach, parish music, parish family life, deaconess, lay minister or parish pastor.

Upon certification, an individual is classified as “minister of religion-commissioned” or “minister of religion-ordained” (ordained refers only to parish pastors).

Who should be colloquyized?

Individuals who wish to serve the church in professional roles but have not been certified by the church to perform the duties prescribed by Synod are eligible to apply for colloquy.

Where can one obtain certification?


Specialized Pastoral Ministry

Are you interested in becoming a chaplain or pastoral counselor?

Through the Specialized Pastoral Ministry program, professional church workers offer a comprehensive ministry that includes Word and Sacrament, counseling and compassionate care.

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