Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission

The LCMS is a committed partner in caring for children with disabilities in the Dominican Republic, involved in mission work there since 2004.  After almost 10 years of work with many partners and God's blessings, we celebrate the establishment of several congregations, mission plants, the ordination of the first Dominican pastor, many seminarians studying for the pastoral office, the development of a deaconess training program, and the establishment of a group home for the custody and care of six orphaned children with disabilities.

Caring for people with developmental disabilities has always been an element of the outreach and mission efforts in the Dominican Republic.

Children with intellectual or developmental disabilities in the Dominican Republic often do not have adequate care or opportunities for growth or education.

  • They live with no meaningful participation in society and daily face fear of abandonment or abuse.
  • There is a lack of programs to support these children and their families.
  • Poor families with disabled children do not have the economic means to pay for the cost of services, medications or doctor visits.
  • There is a lack of education and understanding of how to properly care for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This can lead to negligence and abuse and in some cases can even lead to abandonment.

People with disabilities who cannot live with their families need group homes to be a part of a community. They also need to be given the light and hope of Christ.


Our mission
This is our mission

To plant healthy, confessional Word and Sacrament congregations, which will form an independent national Lutheran church within the Dominican Republic that welcomes, ministers to and equips for service all those loved by God in Jesus Christ, including families with members who have developmental disabilities or other special needs.

The LCMS  is committed to working with partners to:

  • Share in the financial support of the mission
  • Evangelize and teach the Bible and Lutheran doctrine in the Dominican Republic
  • Plant Lutheran congregations
  • Train future pastors, deacons and deaconesses from the Dominican Republic
  • Provide mercy outreach to communities
  • Serve the needs of the disabled by equipping congregations, supporting community and government institutions, and improving care and services to children with disabilities.
Our partnership
Working together

The Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission is a partnership of:

The mission is grateful for the prayers and financial support of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, Lutheran Hour Ministries, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina, MOST Ministries, Special Children Inc., and many LCMS individuals and congregations.


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