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The LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) provides study documents, opinions and statements on theological issues. Established by the Synod in 1962, the commission provides guidance and leadership in the areas of theology and church relations.

The following CTCR document library includes reports, resources and evaluations concerning religious organizations and movements.

‘A Snapshot of Trending Tools: Christians and Social Media’

Christians and Social Media

The LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations has written a report on “A Snapshot of Trending Tools: Christians and Social Media.”

How can Christians use social media to glorify God, to build up the Body of Christ and extend His kingdom in the world?

The CTCR explores this question and examines both the use and impact of social media in terms of community, trust, knowledge, influence, identity, temptation and vocation.

President’s Recommendation Letter     Report (PDF)      Report (ePub)

‘The Theology and Practice
of Holy Baptism’

CTCR report on The Theology and Practice of Holy Baptism

The CTCR report and Bible study on “An Inexpressible Treasure: The Theology and Practice of Holy Baptism” serve as a great witness for those who have struggled with various aspects of this biblical teaching.

 President’s recommendation letter

 Report (PDF)      Report (ePub)

 Bible study   Bibliography

‘The Royal Priesthood:
Identity and Mission’

The Royal Priesthood: Identity and Mission

Providing solid guidance for the church, the CTCR report and Bible study on “The Royal Priesthood: Identity and Mission” examines how we are spiritual priests by virtue of our Baptism.

 President’s recommendation letter

 Report (PDF)     Report (ePub)

 Report: Spanish (PDF)     Bible study

The Commission on Theology and Church Relations document library includes the following:

  Reports: The CTCR brings matters of theology to the membership of the Synod through special studies and documents.

  Evaluations: The CTCR provides evaluations on a broad range of religious organizations and movements from a Lutheran theological perspective.

  Theological Opinions: Documents are prepared in response to a request for an opinion on a specific theological issue (e.g., from the president of the Synod, a district, board, commission or dispute resolution panel).


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What is the CTCR?

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod established the Commission on Theology and Church Relations in 1962.

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Our Mission

Empowered by God’s Spirit through the means of grace, the Commission on Theology and Church Relations serves Christ’s church by providing theological guidance to pastors and congregations for retaining, confessing and proclaiming the Scriptural GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

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