April Theme: Free to be Faithful


The LCMS speaks the truth in love in the public square

“The Church doesn’t get involved in politics!” At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. It’s often easier to focus on the separation of church and state than to admit that the two intersect and, increasingly, collide.

But Easter is coming, and with Easter comes a reminder that we live in and by our Lord, Jesus Christ; when church and state tangle, we are given to abide by Him alone.

That’s why, when the latter inserts itself unjustifiably into the former, when the government intrudes in the realm of the Church, when consciences are bound and the culture makes demands contrary to Scripture, we — baptized children certain of Christ’s resurrection promises — speak.

Our servicemen and women, for example, are being told how and when they are able to confess the faith. Our university students are required to undergo training that affirms same-sex relationships and marriage. Our mercy organizations may soon be forced to choose between closing their doors and placing children in same-sex parent households.

In the coming Easter joy, let’s remember our brothers and sisters, both in prayer and in the public square. Let’s encourage our military personnel to be bold in the faith! Let’s hearten our young men and women to speak the truth in love regarding God’s design for marriage! Let’s support our adoption agencies in their efforts to place children in homes where they will be loved by both a mom and a dad!

And this April, this Easter, let’s not forget that while the task may seem daunting, we are marked with Christ’s cross in Baptism. He is raised from the dead! We are His! Jesus lives. We have nothing — no one, no government, no law — to fear.

Under the cross,

Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison
President, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

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