Youth in Worship

Now is the time to teach your child about the worship service. Whether a child is 2 or 12, much can be done to lead our children into the riches of the Divine Service.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod offers resources to help parents and pastors instruct children about what is included in the Divine Service — and why they are included.


‘Kids in the Divine Service’

Kids in the Divine Service is a series of bulletin inserts featuring seasons of the church year — Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. The series also features the liturgy, sanctuary and general information about the Divine Service.

LCMS Worship offers Kids in the Divine Service for the Lutheran Service Book.

  • Why is this important?
  • “Impress these words upon your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up” (Deut. 6:7).

    The Word of God we receive in the Divine Service goes with us, out into the world and into our everyday callings as parents and children. Kids in the Divine Service is written for parents and children to read and talk about together.

    Although some of the vocabulary and concepts may be best understood by children 10 years of age and older, there are many parts of Kids in the Divine Service which can be understood, experienced and appreciated by younger children.

    Whether a child reads or is read to, parents and children are encouraged to work through the bulletin inserts together and answer questions as they arise. Parents will probably learn something, too.

  • How does this work?
  • Kids in the Divine Service is free to download; make as many copies as you need. The resources may be distributed for congregational use in a variety of ways, including:

    • Sunday morning bulletins
    • Sunday School resource
    • School or church newsletters

    We pray Kids in the Divine Service will be a blessing to you and your congregation.


Download free PDFs:

Reproduction for individual, church or school use does not require permission.



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